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Child Sponsorship Program


The Child Sponsorship Program or CSP is a one-to-one sponsorship of a child or youth by a donor. Child and youth are pre-qualified from the funded areas of the ANCOP network of donors and from target marginalized and disadvantaged poor in covered CFC ANCOP areas all over the Philippines. CSP includes a specially-designed HOLD Adopt-a-Scholar Program designed to address the educational needs of poor children of or members of the Handmaids of the Lord (a single parent, widow or separated married woman).  This special program was created to provide them access to college or vocational/ technical courses.

Pre-qualified children can be sponsored in the following categories:

  • Formal or Degree Courses - Elementary (6-13 years old), High School (14 years old and above), College/ Vocational/ Technical/ Non-Degree courses (14years old and above)

  • Non Formal or Non Degree Courses - Alternative Learning System, Vocational/ Technical Courses

Program Components and benefit package for sponsored children and youth

  • Educational Support (Tuition fees, School fees, Uniforms, Shoes, School Supplies, School Allowance and other School Expenses)

  • Supplementary Education – Tutorials, summer educational activities like camps, creative arts and sport clinics

  • Values Formation and Spiritual Enrichment

  • Health & Medical Care

  • Parent Involvement and Partnership

Target Poor Sector or Group

  • Marginalized and disadvantaged children/ youth

  • children of prisoners, migrant workers (domestic helpers, laborers, unskilled and semi-skilled)

  • children of poor fishermen, farmers

  • children of CFC members who will qualify in the screening

  • physically challenged children.

Eligibility of Areas

The presence of a Volunteer Program Implementing Team (PIT) and ANCOP Education Coordinator ensures the screening and selection of the beneficiaries, as well as the implementation, monitoring and taking accountability of the program in their respective provinces or sectors in Metro Manila.

Eligibility of Children and Youth

  • Scholars must be at least 6 years old, in or out of school.

  • Parents must have at least 2 children or 1 child if the parent is single, widowed or separated.

  • The combined monthly income of the scholar's family must not be more than Php 10,000.00, or based on applicable poverty threshold of the region.

  • Each qualified family shall be limited to only one (1) sponsored child or youth.

  • Parents must signify in writing their cooperation and compliance to CSP operating guidelines on sponsorship.

Processes for CSP Sponsorship

  • Profiling and selection by Project Implementing Team (PIT)

  • Endorsement by CSP Area Coordinator of properly accomplished profiles of selected candidates to CSP National Office

  • Clearing of all profiles by CSP National Office

  • Matching of sponsors by donor partner

  • Advice of confirmed sponsorship/ fund remittance

  • Communication between sponsors & sponsored child or youth (e.g. thank you letter and Annual Progress Reports)

  • Program implementation, monitoring and accountability reporting by Program Implementing Team (PIT)

CSP Basic Guidelines

  • CFC ANCOP allocates annual budget for each confirmed child/ youth.

  • Budget is remitted to the ANCOP Sectoral/Provincial bank account.

  • Diversion of funds is strictly prohibited.

  • Fund releases shall be made quarterly.

  • No new funds will be released unless previous funds are properly liquidated.

  • Savings on program funds may be used to support additional child/ youth, but not for general administrative expenses.

How can you help?

  • Be a sponsor of a child or youth!

  • Be a CSP volunteer or a member of the Program Implementing Team (PIT)!


  • Be a proud child advocate and recruit a sponsor!


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