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My name is Cyrene Tionko, and I have been a member of the CFC Family Ministry since 1999. My journey to following Jesus started in CFC Youth for Christ. I was a typical sixteen year old young man who's full of questions about faith and religion. Also being a typical teenage boy I joined the camp to meet new friends, and of course meet girls. Through the weeks, months then eventually years of service in YFC all the questions about the faith was slowly being answered by God. I began believing and putting Him in charge of my life. I began "walking the talk"; made sure I was an example; made myself accountable. But the one thing that really cemented my love for the community was that God showed me different perfect examples that I needed growing up in this world.

I grew up with an absent father. I didn't have a role model to follow and had no one to share my struggles of life growing up. Growing up in the community I found the perfect role models. CFC coordinators and leaders that spoke boldly during talks; led inspiring and powerful worships; and of course their sharing of how they treat, serve, and love their family. They showed me that I can do the same. I learnt from them how to become a responsible person. Someone I can aspire to and inspired to become when I have my own family. "Father Figures" I didn't have growing up, but now have because of the CFC community.

In Singles for Christ I learned how to truly look after my brothers and sisters. Care for them without hidden agendas. Love them like Christ did. Through the teachings I was more open to different vocational pathways which I explored with prayers. In this ministry I learned how to fully let God control my life. Through that trust and faithfulness He gave me my true vocation: meeting my future wife, Sophia. After we got married there were no doubts and hesitations about transitioning to Couples for Christ. Three weeks after we got back from our honeymoon, we were at our CFC Christian Life Program.

In Youth for Christ I learned the basic foundation of my faith and formed a true relationship with Jesus Christ. In Singles for Christ I learned how to deepen that relationship with God and to fully trust in His plans. Now, in Couples for Christ is all about LIVING the life that God wants me to live. The teaching in YFC and SFC has prepared me to become the man and servant that He wants me to be. In CFC I want to learn to be the perfect father to my son and the perfect husband to my wife. I'm really looking forward to the journey ahead.
Date of Posting: 27 February 2014
Posted By: Cyrene Tionko

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