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Before CFC we were totally unaware of the presence of God in us, but through the CLP programme we were introduced to Him. The ongoing programmes and activities brought us closer to God as more and more we came to realise that it is not through ourselves, but through a community, that we came nearer to Him. We encountered difficulties, and tried looking for another community, only to find that there is no other community the way this one was and still is, so we came back again. It hurts badly, but as you progress forward, we came to realise again the love and forgiveness of our Brothers and Sisters, and the bonding becomes stronger, through the love of Jesus. CFC has taught us how to handle these situations, and grow deeper through each situation as it arises. And we are still growing.

Attending conferences overseas, and meeting community members from overseas, you again realise how great God is. I now begin to realise how good a friend God is, always there no matter what the weather, always faithful and true, a prayer away. We put our faith and trust in God knowing that He knows what is best for us.

Date of Posting: 26 February 2014
Posted By: Chris and Carina King
South Auckland

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